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A Childhood of a Profoundly Gifted Child

I have been doing a lot of reflecting. Reflecting on Madison’s childhood. I asked her the other day if her college class was just like she thought it would be or if it disappointed her. She said it was everything she thought it would… Continue Reading “A Childhood of a Profoundly Gifted Child”

Washington D.C. Day 4

On Day 4 of our Washington D.C. vacation we visited Ford’s Theater. It has changed a lot since I went when I was 12! They now have a museum that you go through first. It was amazing! We opted for the audio companion as… Continue Reading “Washington D.C. Day 4”

I’m in a Hurry 

I debated if I should write another post that is based off a song since it’s kind of cheesy, but then I realized it’s a phase I’m in and so I hope everyone can bear with me. 😂 Madison and I had a blast… Continue Reading “I’m in a Hurry “

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