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Summer: June/July 2019

In between our adventures, Madison spent her summertime with camps and various activities. After Madison’s birthday, we celebrated Winston’s 1st Birthday. She made him his very own homemade doggie cupcakes. He really loved them! ❤️ Madison also attended basketball and volleyball camps. She attended… Continue Reading “Summer: June/July 2019”

Our Homeschool Curriculum and Activities for 2017-2018

Here we go on our fourth year of homeschooling! I have finally learned that I always have a plan or an idea for a plan for what we are going to do for the year curriculum wise and then it ALWAYS changes. So here… Continue Reading “Our Homeschool Curriculum and Activities for 2017-2018”

The Gifted Child: Being Taught By Others

I have to admit one of the hardest aspects of parenting a gifted child is finding teachers and coaches that understand my child and lift her up versus squashing her. I have found they are rare and few between. For awhile I felt like… Continue Reading “The Gifted Child: Being Taught By Others”

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