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A Childhood of a Profoundly Gifted Child

I have been doing a lot of reflecting. Reflecting on Madison’s childhood. I asked her the other day if her college class was just like she thought it would be or if it disappointed her. She said it was everything she thought it would… Continue Reading “A Childhood of a Profoundly Gifted Child”

A Flight of a Lifetime

Today Madison had the opportunity to take a Young Eagles flight in a RV-4 airplane owned by Winn Harris. When we arrived we were invited to tour the control tower at the Denton Enterprise Airport. The air traffic controllers showed her the radar for… Continue Reading “A Flight of a Lifetime”

March and April 2016 MusingsĀ 

And it’s already April… I’m not sure how time flies so quickly. It must be because we’re having so much fun. šŸ˜œ At the end of March, Madison enjoyed taking a homeschool class at the Dallas Museum of Art that focused on Egyptian Art.… Continue Reading “March and April 2016 MusingsĀ “

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