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I Am Amazed 

I went back through my prior posts tonight and I am amazed at how I have evolved this past year. I have gone through so many different thought processes. The biggest accomplishment I have made this year for myself, is letting go of the…

Our Week of Gifted Homeschooling – The Second Week in February 2015

This week was full of hands on learning and fun activities. Madison attended a robotics homeschool class at our local Science museum. It is a part classroom learning environment with hands on activities and learning out in the museum. She always learns a lot…

Why is Advocating for my Gifted Child Important?

Originally posted on Incredible Journey of Giftedness:
I remember seeing a tweet on Twitter from a gifted adult and she said, ‘I wish my parents hadn’t asked me why I couldn’t just be normal’ repeatedly as I grew up. This tweet hit home, because…

Misdiagnosing Gifted Children With ADHD

I have heard of many teachers who suggest parents of gifted children should have their child tested for ADHD. I challenge every teacher to watch this video and make sure they are very well informed before suggesting a gifted child be tested. It could…

My Real Gift

Originally posted on EcoScienceGirl: The Blog:
Technically speaking, I am profoundly gifted. My IQ is several standard deviations, not just above the norm, but beyond the “gifted” cut-off as well. I am also autistic, falling under the category of high-functioning Asperger’s syndrome and including…

The Gifted Child and Sensory Overload- When is it Too Much?

I will admit I saw the articles pass by on how to handle the holidays with a gifted child and I didn’t read them. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I tend to learn the hard way. We had a very busy November and December…

The Sacred and the Mundane

The Sacred and the Mundane.

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