What Is More Important Than Grades?

This post came up in my memories on Facebook from 2019 and I wanted to share it.

What is more important than grades? Honesty and integrity.

Madison took her Biology for Science Majors I final yesterday. When she did she had 101% in the class.

She took the final and got 100%. But she knew she missed one or two. So she asked the teacher if she could see her scantron and the test.

Sure enough she missed 2. But the scanteon marks were so light her professor didn’t see them.

She handed it back and told her professor she didn’t get 100%. She missed two.

Her professor immediately changed her grade on the test to a 97% in the system and she had a 99.64% in the class.

She told me couldn’t have walked out with her ‘head up high’ if she knew she hadn’t earned the true score she did. And this kid wanted 100% in the class. She REALLY wanted it. But not if it wasn’t earned. It doesn’t matter or count if it wasn’t.

I am proud of Madison for doing the right thing and being honest. That means so much more to me than grades. Integrity means more than education IMO.

So do empathy, honesty, and humility.

I didn’t learn this until I was MUCH, MUCH older.

I am VERY proud of her for this. More so than anything else she’s ever done.

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