When one starts out with a plan you always pray it will come to fruition. You pray to God and you act upon faith. And let me tell you faith can be tested on so many levels. But if you embrace faith you get rewarded. There are so many times of doubt but they strengthen faith with each one. And then you just learn to trust.

Each step of Madison’s homeschooling journey has been based upon faith from my standpoint. It took me a long time to realize this. It couldn’t be based on logic at any point along the way.

I chose the picture above for a reason. The lightbulb has been over our heads the entire time and we never saw it. We had to think and act upon faith to light it.

Madison has overcome the detrimental obstacles of Covid-19 this past year. And she couldn’t have without the most awesome Professors at her college. With that said, we trusted in faith and the path it led us down initially which resulted in her being accepted to Texas Christian University with a Dean’s scholarship. We couldn’t be more proud. Her dream was to attend TCU and it wouldn’t; have even been a possibility without obtaining a scholarship.

She has had so many wonderful and memorable experiences at North Central Texas College and we will be forever grateful for each one. Especially every Professor that left a lifelong impression.

I believe she will be the youngest student to graduate from NCTC since she will graduate at the age of 13. But at the end of the day she realizes that isn’t what is important. The experiences she gained and the growth she made during her time there is what mattered.

I am blessed and humbled that the plan Madison set into place at the age of 7 has come to fruition. A parent couldn’t ask for any more. To say it’s hard to trust a young child with their vision of their future is an understatement.

But I can say 100% confidence now that I’m glad I did. And the only reason I could was because I had faith.

We cannot wait to see what her future holds. All I hope for is that she is happy and enjoys every single minute of it.

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