We’re Still Here

It’s been awhile since I have posted. We are still here and are doing well.

Madison’s Spring semester was a whirlwind. I was driving her between two community college campuses and she was giving 150% to her classes, volunteering, and honors and leadership programs. And then everything changed in March and a new kind of whirlwind came.

I dedicated my time to supporting her and she ended up maintaining her 4.0 and learned how to enjoy her studies in a new way despite the hurdles.

She’s taking summer courses and we think we have a plan for Fall, I just hope it continues to work out. I am SO grateful for all the awesome Professors that truly care and dedicate their time. I cannot emphasize that enough.

I will write more blogs posts soon, but I am grateful for the interaction via technology from her professors and friends right now. That means the world to us.

We lived in an online learning environment for a year and it was nothing compared to this. She still had outside social activities to balance and honestly the online wasn’t enough. So to go back to that without the balance has been hard.

More to come….

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