Along For The Ride – Gifted Parenting

Hi! I’m Madison’s mom, and I’m just along her journey for the ride. 😂

I thought the past however many years we’ve been homeschooling was one major ride, but nothing prepared me for dual credit college courses. I knew this was the right path; I didn’t realize how much ‘more’ it would be in comparison.

Madison completed her Fall semester of 17 dual credit hours with a 4.0 GPA. She was accepted into the Honors Program and took two of her classes, Biology for Science Majors and Art Appreciation as Honors Courses. Madison also decided to take Federal Government as a Wintermester course. This course was an entire semester course that began on December 16th and ended on January 9th.

She’s excited for the Spring Semester and to move up to the PTK Honors. The Honors program allows her to dig deeper with hands-on activities and service hours that bring more meaning to her classes and involve her with a sense of community.

I am grateful for all of her Professors that took the time to invest in Madison’s education. It really makes a big difference. She was very appreciative, and it helped keep her engaged because it made her classes and the work and projects she completed meaningful.

I wanted to give a quick update before really writing posts again since I will be backtracking. I’ve used this blog as more of a memory album for her, and I haven’t kept up since last April, so I plan to make up for that in the coming months. 🙂

But so far, so good on the dual credit college path she’s taking.

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