The Past Six Months – A Quick Update and Advice Needed

The past six months have been a complete whirlwind. Over the summer we traveled to Hawaii, Kansas City, Southern Texas, and Orlando. We knew there would not be a chance to travel for over at least a year, so we packed it in. More posts to come on those adventures.

After completing a career research paper during the class Madison took in the Spring, she decided she wanted to major in Biology. So we had to switch up her schedule for the Fall. She is now taking US History I, Spanish I, Art Appreciation, and Biology I for Science Majors. This is a big deal, because Madison is really good English/History/Art and is not as advanced in Math and Science. She hasn’t had any Chemistry and we probably didn’t realize the amount of back knowledge that was needed for Biology. She caught up very quickly and also passed the Math TSI so she could take College Algebra in the Spring.

We are on week five and so far she has all A’s, but she has many more tests coming so we will see if she can maintain them. I hope that she will, I’m just trying to be realistic as always.😂 She’s determined, that is for sure.

I plan on writing some posts about how we are trying to navigate dual credit and graduating from high school and community college at the same time in two years. I have no idea of it will actually happen and I’m kind of going into it a little blind.

I do know she will need to apply to Universities next year. I keep telling her we could/should maybe slow down (because I’m overwhelmed) and she wants nothing to do with that. 😂

And lastly, I need some advice on how to handle medical professionals that ask why my 12 year old is in community college and share their opinion on it. (Not her Pediatrician who is wonderful.) I was caught off guard and I should have said, because she wants to, but I wasn’t quick enough. I just brushed it off and ignored the judgement. Needless to say, we won’t be going back to that doctor, but how does one respond to that question on the fly? I’d love to hear suggestions so that not only I can be prepared, but Madison can as well.

One Comment on “The Past Six Months – A Quick Update and Advice Needed

  1. There is no good response. I think it is unlikely that you will be able to convert anyone who is judgmental about homeschooling in general or allowing a gifted child to learn at their true academic level rather than warehousing them in a traditional school. If they have met your daughter in person and fully understand her accomplishments and native curiosity, but still cling to the impression that what you are doing is problematic, you won’t change their mind. You just have to make sure that such people are never in a position to undermine your child’s dreams. Don’t worry about the opinions of people who are irrelevant in the long run.

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