Kauai Day 7 – May 2019

We started the day by visiting Spouting Horn National Park.

Then we visited Smith’s Tropical Paradise. My mother had reminded me how much I enjoyed feeding the peacocks when I visited with them when I was 18 and so we decided to go so Madison could feed them.

In this video you will see I still enjoyed feeding them. 😂 So much so I went and bought a LOT more food. (don’t ever tell your wife to make 5 bags last 😂.) I would have bought more, but Jeff cut me off after I bought an additional 20 bags for us to share. Lol! It was a lot of fun. This was when we first entered. Some were pretty aggressive.

There were SO many birds. This one is in slow motion. Just wait for it….

This was real time speed.

Madison loved the ducks .

Especially the one that wagged it’s tail. It followed her for a long time. ❤️

We also enjoyed the amazing scenery while we were there.

It was a super fun experience and I’m so glad my mom reminded us to go! ❤️

After that we went back to the condo and I enjoyed seeing more birds and chickens. 😂🤣

And then we went and spent more time at the beach and ocean.

This was our last day in Kauai. The following day we flew back to Maui for our last day on the Hawaiian Islands.

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