Kauai Day 6 – May 2019

The Humane Society in Kauai has a super cool program called Field Trips for Shelter Dogs. You can go and take a dog out to hike while you are visiting. It’s a great program that allows the dogs to get out and get exercise and also have people see them so they get adopted faster. This was a very unique experience that we will never forget. It was very meaningful to all of us. Please click the link above for all the information and rules.

We decided to take Little Timmy out for the day. He was so sweet.

The sand was hot so we ended up carrying Timmy a lot of the hike where it wasn’t shaded. lol

And then per their suggestion we took him for a plain shaved ice and he loved it!

It was a really hot hike. lol

And then we got him a plain hamburger. They didn’t have any fast food around, so he got a legitimately good burger. 😂 He was very appreciative.

After all of that he fell fast asleep on the way back in the air conditioned Jeep. ❤️

It was hard saying goodbye, but we knew he had a fun time out and he was adopted the next week! ❤️ This is an amazing program and if we ever go back we’ll definitely do this again.

We made a quick stop to look at Waliua Falls.

We enjoyed all the beauty as we traveled along the island.

And then we headed to Hanalei Beach.

It was a great day!

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