Maui Day 3 – May 2019

On our 3rd day in Maui we went on a tour of the Road to Hanna. I decided that it would be best if we went with a tour for a couple of reasons. One being that the road is very narrow and twisty and I have an ADHD husband that would want to be looking out the window more than looking straight ahead and you can’t take rental car on the back road part. The tour solved both of these issues.

The tour was amazing and we made several stops.

One of the stops was at Haleakala National Park. I did some research ahead of time and found out they had a Junior Ranger Program. So Madison was able to swear in and receive her badge. The Junior Ranger programs are one the best ways to learn hands on in my opinion.

It was a long day, but a gorgeous tour and we learned a lot along the way!

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