When I Was Seven….

A blog post from Madison regarding radical acceleration in her own words:

When I was seven years old, I made two very important decisions about my education and my future career. The first decision was regarding how I wanted to learn. My mother, who had pulled me out of school that year to homeschool me per my request, let me choose the path I wanted to take for my education: I could stay at grade-level or pursue a radically accelerated education and try to attend college early.  I chose to become a radically accelerated student, making the goal to become a full-time dual credit student by the age of twelve. I made this decision because I love to learn; it is the soul of my being and I crave it. The second decision was regarding what career I wanted to pursue. I decided, at that age, that I wanted to become a doctor. At first, I was convinced that I would be a veterinarian. My family fostered many dogs over the years, and one of them, a little puppy, died of kidney failure. I found the experience difficult, and wished I could save him. Later, however, I understood that taking care of animals wasn’t the right path for me. I aspired to help people with their illnesses and injuries, specifically children. So, I decided I wanted to become a pediatrician. I have been working towards accomplishing those two goals, to go to college early and become a pediatrician, ever since.


I’m eleven now, and a part-time dual credit student. In the fall, I will be a twelve-year-old dual credit student attending college full time. I plan to earn my associate’s degree and then go to the University of Texas in Arlington and earn my bachelor’s degree. After that, I want to attend a medical school, enter a residency program, and become a pediatrician, most likely working at a medical clinic. I love children of all ages and would enjoy caring for them. After I become a pediatrician, I would also like to earn a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, a master’s degree in English, and a Ph. D in psychology.

I love learning, so I’m starting early so I can get the education I want. I have maintained a 4.0 in my high school transcript with perseverance, and am determined to graduate college with honors. I continue to enjoy learning a plethora of information through my classes. My education will continue to be my top priority throughout my life, and I will always receive pleasure by learning something new every day.

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