Resources For Gifted Children

Having a gifted child can be overwhelming and exciting at the same. That’s putting it mildly. I have found on our journey that knowledge is not just power, but a matter of survival.

Here are the resources that have helped us the most along the way and continue to now. They are not in any particular order. If anything they are the order in which we discovered them.

Hoagies Gifted is my go to for everything. They have a search button that searches their site. So if you have a question about anything you can just search it. They also have a page with psychologists that are familiar with giftedness that conduct testing. This is where we found the psychologist that tested Madison and I feel it makes a night and day difference. They also have a blog hop that is worth reading. They have new topics each month.

Mensa was another great resource for Madison because our local chapter has an active youth group. I’d suggest inquiring about local Mensa youth groups within the chapter to see if they are active and if they are, then join. Madison has had many unique and special experiences with our group since she was six years old. She has gone to our local planetarium, art museum, hiking, painting pottery, built robots, performed community service, and has gone on two Young Eagle flights where she took the controls for a bit.

Duke Tip has also been a big part of our journey. They have a lot to offer and Madison loves their local Educational programs and online contests. You can also take the PSAT, ACT, and SAT much earlier than you normally would. This has proven to be very beneficial for my oldest and I am sure it will be for Madison as well. The results from Madison taking the ACT is also the only way at this point that I know where she’s at academically. Go to the eligibility section to see the qualified test scores. There is a link for homeschoolers to follow. If your child is in school don’t wait for someone to contact you. You can submit your child’s scores yourself. My oldest was in Duke Tip since she was 12 and my youngest has been in it since she was 7. Being a part of Duke Tip opens educational opportunities and adds to a college resume.

Davidson Young Scholars has been one of the best things Madison has ever been involved in. It has been the Godsend she needed and has really made a difference not only educationally, but socially was well.

The other organization that has made a big impact in Madison’s life is Texas Parents of the Profoundly Gifted.

There were those who had older gifted children that gave me much needed advice. I learned so much from them and they really gave me the confidence I needed during our journey. Here are the ones who have made a major impact on our journey:

Crushing Tall Poppies

Supporting Gifted Learners

Jade Ann Rivera

Gifted Challenges

When we started homeschooling I found Gifted Homeschoolers Forum. They are a MUST to check out even if you don’t homeschool. They cover a wide variety of information for gifted children and 2e (twice exceptional) children.

My other go to and this is especially helpful for teachers and for parents of gifted children in school is #gtchat on Twitter. They have weekly discussions with invaluable information. If you are not familiar with Twitter they also have a blog where they post the chats and links.

A couple of the blogs that also helped me were:

My Little Poppies


Raising Lifelong Learners

The other helpful sites to learn more about gifted children are:

The National Association for Gifted Children


Institute for Educational Advancement

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