Madison’s Gifted Educational Jumps

During the time I have homeschooled Madison I have noticed that she makes major educational jumps. They are hard to explain. When she learns things she ‘jumps’ five times ahead of what she’s learned. They aren’t just jumps, they’re big jumps. I’ve had to forgo using a lot of curriculum that I had already bought due to these jumps. She was already past what I had planned.

At the beginning of this October I realized I didn’t have what she needed for next year. I have curriculum and she could have taken more online classes, but it’s not what she needed. She needed to take college courses. She’s already bored this year because she jumped. There were many indicators that helped me realize this. She isn’t scheduled to take the ACT until February, so I needed her to take the TSI (it’s a Texas College placement exam.)

Along this journey, I have learned to listen to my intuition and I’m glad I did and continue to do so. This week Madison took the TSI and my gut was right. She is ready to take college classes. For reading she scored 378. 390 is a perfect score and 350 is needed to pass. She scored the exact same on the multiple choice English test and got a 7 out of 8 on the essay section. You need a score of 4 or 5 to pass. Passing means college ready. She will be taking the Math test tomorrow. We know her score on that won’t even be remotely close to her Reading/English scores, but that’s ok. She’s more than college ready for courses that do not involve Math or Science that requires a certain level of Math.

So I will be writing upcoming posts on dual credit/college enrollment, radical acceleration, and Madison’s new journey. She will be enrolling in one class for this Spring semester along with her current year-long online courses at home and she couldn’t be anymore excited. She’s been looking forward to being back in a classroom and she knew this was the only way she could.


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