Jumping Through Hoops

Madison loves to create. Especially when it comes to nature. She builds things with mud and leaves and sticks. Someday I am sure I’ll understand why she has done this since she could walk. But for now I don’t try to make sense of it, I just enjoy that she’s happy.

She is on a journey that she has chosen. One that I have stressed out about since the day we made the decision to homeschool. And one that I still do not understand, but have leaned it’s not my choice to. It just is what it is and she is who she is. 🙂

As our path has gone faster than the goals she had initially set for herself, there have been many hoops that we have had to jump through. And despite all of the hoops things are falling into place.

As part of this new journey, Madison is required to get a State ID card. Loaded with paperwork and documents we set off to our local DPS office. Upon arrival and after standing in a line to get into the DPS office I was told I was missing one piece of a supporting document. At this point I was frazzled since it was already over an hour wait. The sweetest lady checking us in suggested Madison take the number in line and to go wait if she was comfortable doing so while I ran home to get her immunization record. ❤️💕 I wish I would have gotten her name and I might go back later just to see what her name was because she was SO kind to everyone there and that was amazing beyond words in itself and she should be recognized for that. Anyone who goes above and beyond should.

So I ran home to grab the immunization record I had just gotten a couple of days prior when Madison received her meningitis vaccine and flu mist. I am always questioning if what we are doing is the right thing. I know in my heart it is, but sometimes the logic gets in the way and self doubt seeps in. As I was driving back to the DPS office and self doubting, the song ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd came on the radio. And with that a smile came across my face along with a sense of peace. The self-doubt vanished.

When I returned to the DPS office Madison was sitting quietly reading her book. We waited for another couple of hours and then we were up.

I had the State ID form filled out, her birth certificate, social security card, immunization record, and an affidavit for proof of residency with my two required documents. We needed an affidavit because Madison couldn’t prove residency on her own with the documents needed. The paperwork was turned in, Madison’s thumb prints were taken and her picture and viola….she is now the proud 11 year old child of a Texas State ID.

She sailed through the second hoop of her recent journey. The rest of the hoops and the back story is yet to come….. Two down and seven more to go…

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