Gifted Homeschool Curriculum Update May 2018

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Madison wrapped up her Spring Semester by completing Intro to Latin, Philosophy, Political Systems, and Wordly Wise Book 7. She also finished her year long Introduction to Composition, which was an accredited course with an A. She will wrap of her Speech club with a tournament at the beginning of June as well.

As for summer, Madison is enrolled in Prealgebra I through Art of Problem solving, Philosophy, Wordly Wise Book 8, Texas History, ACT prep through, Touch-Type Read and Spell, Squilt, and the following Moving Beyond the Page units:

Language Arts: Huckleberry Finn, Elijah of BuxtonElijah of Buxton, and British Poetry.

Science: Microbiology and Cell Theory, Genetics and DNA, and Human Body Systems.

She will have time off in the summer for traveling and camps. Madison is super excited to attend STARS and Summit!

Over the summer we will also cook with Madison’s Raddish Kids Cooking Kits. She loves the way the grocery list and instructions are laid out as well as the patch and the cooking tool that come in each kit! I like the homeschool curriculum that comes in a email each month for the box that is sent. If you would like to save $10 on a 6 or 12 month subscription please use the code RTKCS9.

The Tinkercrate is another monthly subscription that Madison loves and she will continue to work on her latest Lego set endeavor LEGO Creator Expert Carousel 10257 Building Kit (2670 Piece).

Madison’s also looking forward to competing in chess tournaments. She was 73 on the US Chess Top 100 list for girls age 10 in February and she’s moved up to 51 on the May list.

I am still in the process of finalizing her summer book list and will post that in a separate post. As of right now, she is still reading Brian Jacques Redwall Series Set (Book 1-20): Redwall; Mossflower; Mattimeo; Mariel of Redwall; Salamandastron; Martin the Warrior; Bellmaker; Outcast of Redwall; Pearls of Lutra; Long Patrol; Marlfox; Legend of Luke; Lord Brocktree; Taggerung; Triss.

As for Fall curriculum, Madison is going to take Prealebra 2, and Intro to Algebra A, Critical Reading and Writing, Biology, World Geography, and Philosophy. She will continue with piano lessons, SQUILT, and chess too.

3 Comments on “Gifted Homeschool Curriculum Update May 2018

  1. Hi Teresa,

    My daughter, Cristina, is also a Young Scholar. Can you tell me how old Madison is? I was reading your post and it seems like she’s a bit older. All of the subjects look like something Cristina would like but she’s only 9 (will be 10 in Sept). I was just thinking about age differences and don’t want to push her into an uncomfortable zone…

    Sofia Gutierrez

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    • Hi Sofia! Madison is 10, but will be 11 in June. I know Madison was the youngest in her Intro to Comp class. The Intro to Latin involved a lot of Minecraft which was a major time sucker. If she likes music, SQUILT would be perfect. Philosophy through Athena involved all subjects and you can do as little or as much as you want, so it would be another really good one to help with fluid thinking versus concrete. They have a neat social forum too that is fun. Creative writing might be a fun one too. We started out with taking Intro to Comp to work on writing and found that she really connected socially with the kids in the classes and so we added more this year and chose that route for next year. When she was 9/10 we did a lot of art museum and science museum homeschool days. More hands on learning. We focused the entire year on US History and Government and then went to Washington DC. So now we’re focusing more on Science. We are kind of going in waves by subject and interest versus doing a little bit of all of them. She really doesn’t enjoy Math or Geography, so we are focusing on all of things we’ve put off or have moved slowly on up to this point if that makes sense? And the online classes help give her the extra structure to follow through on the subjects she really doesn’t have an interest in. 🙂


      • Hi Teresa,

        Thanks so much for sharing! It sounds like Madison is enjoying her curriculum. She looks older than my daughter so I had to ask about her age. I also know what you mean about putting off the “not so enjoyable subjects”. I’ve had the same issue here! Cristina was also accepted into the YS Intro to Comp class for the coming school year (2018-2019). I have, however, decided to delay entry until next year (2019-2020). I just think she’s a bit too immature to keep up with the requirements this year. Another year to mature might do her some good! Plus, she’s not a writer at heart. Sigh… Anyway, thank you, again, for your help and for always sharing your homeschooling life. You’ve influenced us more than you’ll ever know!

        Take care,

        P.S. – Cristina will also be taking some classes on Athena’s this fall. Maybe they’ll run into each other at some forum or class! 🙂


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