Our Homeschool Curriculum and Activities for 2017-2018

Here we go on our fourth year of homeschooling! I have finally learned that I always have a plan or an idea for a plan for what we are going to do for the year curriculum wise and then it ALWAYS changes. So here is my initial plan for this year. Ha! Ha! Also, this post contains affiliate links, so please see my disclosure policy for more information.


  1.  Madison is going to be taking an Introduction to Composition course this year. It is an accredited, online class and she is really looking forward to it. I think it will be a great challenge for her and will help her writing immensely.
  2. Madison will also continue to use Wordly Wise 3000 online. She has just begun book 7. This is probably the only curriculum that we still use from the beginning. It is wonderful!


I just don’t even want to talk about Math right now. I think we are going to try AELKS. I will update with a post when I figure it out.


Madison finished Life and Earth Science through Accellus and just began Physical Science. While she onePhysical Science lesson a day, will begin our Moving Beyond the Page 11-13 units. We are going to start with Technological Design and then Earth Cycles and Systems, Force and Motion, The Hydrosphere again and The Atmosphere. This way she gets some hands on experiments. There are a TON of hands on activities in each of these units. She learns best visually, but she isn’t going to have fun just watching videos all of the time.

Social Studies/History:

Madison completed US History I and is finishing up US History II and US Government High School courses through Accellus in preparation for our upcoming trip to Washington D.C. Then she will finish up Middle School Geography. She was half way through this course and we stopped to focus on US History. Geography is not her favorite subject so this course was perfect for her. While it’s a long course, the videos are relatively short so even if it takes us forever to get through it, at least she will have it under her belt. She has already listened to all four volumes of Story of the World, so we are going to do Personal Finance next. Then we will look into CLEP and AP tests for US and World History.

Electives and Activities:

We joined a homeschool co-op and so once a week Madison will be taking a Homeschool PE class, a cooking class, and a Math Mania class. She is excited and is really looking forward to this co-op.

Madison will continue to do art through HomeArtSTudio and Meet the Masters.

She will continue her third year of piano lessons.

Madison will also continue her foreign language learning with Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish: Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) – Level 1-5 Set, Learn French: Rosetta Stone French – Level 1-5 Set, and Learn Italian: Rosetta Stone Italian – Level 1-5 Set.

Most of her free time has been dedicated to playing Chess. See my post on A Girl and Her Love of Chess for more details.

Madison will also be doing Speech and Debate this Spring with the DFW Speech Club. Madison is not old enough yet, but when she turns 12, she cannot wait to join the Debate Club too!

3 Comments on “Our Homeschool Curriculum and Activities for 2017-2018

  1. Hi Teresa, I’ve been really finding your blog very helpful! Thank you for sharing your experiences! I’ve got a gifted kiddo we started homeschooling recently, but we live abroad so will not qualify for help from Davidson Scholars. I was wondering if they had been helping you recently navigate your curriculum choices (for example, Accellus). I’m interested to see that Madison is still using MBP (my guy is too, but we really have to modify it – has this been your experience too?) Basically, any ideas you are willing to share would be welcome, as we’re very much on our own!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Minette , thank you for reaching out! I will be blogging again soon. Things got a little overwhelming and recent events in the news I have been a little more hesitant to publicly post regarding homeschooling, but on the other hand I am grateful for the opportunity and have nothing to hide. 🙂
      Until I am able to do another post, I wanted to let you know that we did not like Acellus for many reasons. There were many errors and it lacked in information. It was remedial. We are now using study.com purchased through Homeschool buses co-op and I am very pleased with it. We are also taking a class through Athena Academy and one through Gifted Homeschoolers Forum. It is too soon to validate if we love them (we are only a week in,) but so far so good. I hope this helps. Again, I will be committed to blogging our path again soon! ❤️


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