Student Led Learning, Homeschooling and Giftedness 

I’ve written many posts during our journey of learning about Giftedness and during our homeschooling journey. As I reflect on those posts, I want to make sure I clarify some things. 

I write posts based on my experiences. I know there are many parents that are struggling as I am and knowing you are not alone is a major relief and can make all the difference in the world. 

I know Giftedness is many different things and it doesn’t follow a certain set of rules or criteria. Unless someone is tested it’s hard to identify and some don’t test well, so they may not ever be identified. 

But there are some markers I may not have stressed well enough. And that is hard, because there are so many differences. 

There are different levels of Giftedness. 

Hindsight being 20/20, I would only encourage unschooling and letting a child lead if they are profoundly gifted. What does that mean? It means many things, but if I had to sum it up, it would mean they are 4 grade levels above thier age. 

Yes, there is asynchrony. But that means a child has different levels. And the lower levels shouldn’t be ignored. 

When I wrote my posts did I realize that my daughter was profoundly gifted and only a small range fit into that category? 

No, I didn’t realize, because it was my normal. 

So I just wanted to clarify for the sake of my conscious that my posts our are journey and experiences and are out there to help those who can identify with them. And I do realize now how small of a percentage that really is. 

But I would not want my posts be an excuse to not educate your child because they don’t want to do something. Profoundly gifted children can fill in the gaps on their own or in a time period that is not easily understood by others. It means comprehending concepts in a month or so that normally take a year. That isn’t something I would normally say out loud, but it is something I felt I needed to communicate. 

I am an advocate for gifted children and unidentified gifted children. But I would never want my posts to be an excuse to not educate children that need structure and need to be educated, even if they don’t want to. 

With that said, if any child has any ‘issues’ rhey need to be addressed and accessed. 

I do believe my posts reach those who can truly identify in many ways. However, I also wanted to make sure that my posts don’t enable anyone who thinks they may fit and ends up choosing a direction that is not in the best interest of their child. 

One Comment on “Student Led Learning, Homeschooling and Giftedness 

  1. My kiddo is young and we have just started the whole homeschooling with giftedness thing, but I love reading your blog because it’s so familiar to my reality (or maybe my future reality?). I keep saying it’s more like unschooling because he’s so young, but honestly the only curriculum I purchased was math and he’s almost outgrowing it before we’re halfway through it! I’m starting to think unschooling is the only way to teach these kids because you’re right… not only will they propel themselves to learn, but they *need* to learn! It’s like wired in them.


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