Today is the Moment

Today is the moment when I fully realized Education is entirely different from what I have known and thought it was. 

Subtle clues along the way have made me aware, but not convinced, until today. 

I love the Charlotte Mason education as well as Classical education. But after today, I am convinced both are going to be obsolete. 

Nature is important. But as a layer it is going to be a hobby unless one has higher aspirations to make it an actual ground breaking science. 

I see where all of the hype of STEM and STEAM is coming from now. The question is how to balance what they need to know from the basics in conjunction with what they need to know to keep up with the discoveries and inventions our present and future is evolving to discover? 

They can’t learn it all. It isn’t possible. There has to be a happy medium and I am determined to figure out what that is. 

But I am not going to hold Madison back from what is clearly evolving before my eyes, but at the same time, I am not going to compromise her as a well rounded person. 

Question: Does anyone watch Jeoordy anymore? Is it still relevant to be able to answer the questions on that show? 

Does anyone have an insights to this concept of what is important in this generation for learning? I’m adamant about history, but to what extent? Diagraming sentences?  Good literature? Math is crucial. Science is crucial. American Government is crucial. How do you do it all? 


One Comment on “Today is the Moment

  1. I wonder this too! There’s a great meme that says something along the lines of “science can tell you how to clone a T-Rex, but the humanities will tell you why it’s a bad idea.” There definitely needs to be a balance and exposure to as much as possible, but no, of course you can’t learn it all! And with technology, a lot has fallen to the wayside simply because we don’t need it. I think anything the greatest things to focus on in this day and age are critical thinking skills, creativity and empathy- but there are lots of ways to get there!


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