What Does a Typical Day Look Like For Us?

Our days tend to vary depending on what activities we have planned. Each week Madison has piano, American Heritage girls, Homeschool PE, Park Day with friends, Speech and Debate and Religion. We usually have a field trip or two each week as well. And once a month she has a Perot Junior Master Naturalist class and coordinating field trip. 

So, with that said, here’s what a typical day for us looks like:


Treadmill for 10 minutes while listening to A History of Us

Daily Devotion

A chapter in Jesus Our Guide

Exercise: Plank for 25 seconds

Math: One lesson in Thinkwell Math. Online lecture and 9 problems online. If 100% correct then she’s done, if not then the coordinating worksheet.

Exercise: Jump Rope for 5 minutes

Moving Beyond the Page Wrinkle in Time:

Read the lesson plan, read a chapter and do Q&A verbally with mom. 

Exercise: Dance Dance Revolution 10 min

Moving Beyond the Page Activity one

Exercise: Just Dance 10 minutes

Moving Beyond the Page Activity Two

Exercise: Ride the scooter board around the house for 10 minutes

Moving Beyond the Page Activity Three

Exercise: Yoga for 10 minutes

Practice Informative Speech 

Exercise: Run up and down the stairs 5 times

Moving Beyond the Page Cells (Science) 

Read lesson 

Activity One

Activity Two

Activity Three

Practice Open Interpretation Speech 

Rosetta Stone Spanish

Piano Lesson

Free play outside 

Free play inside


American Heritage Girls

Lunch is thrown in somewhere above when it fits. 🙂 

The days we do not have activities she also does lessons on chess kids, Khan Academy, Prodigy, poetry, crafts, art, legos, drawing, music appreciation, etc.

I don’t specify a free reading time because she’s always reading and I usually have to take a book away from her to have her do something else. 

On the days that have less activities we are able to fit in more exercise and I mix them up each day. She also gets 90 minutes a week in homeschool PE and we try to visit different parks a couple of times a week. 

If we do not have an evening activity, Jeff usually plays a board game or chess each evening with Madison and also reads to her out loud. They are currently reading The Children’s Homer. This gives me an opportunity to have a break from being ‘on’ all day and to prep and plan for the next day. 🙂 

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