Moving Beyond The Page

I shared what a typical day looks like for us and in that post I referenced using Moving Beyond the Page and doing the activities. 

I wanted to share a sample of what exactly that entails.

At this age the curriculum is set up so that she can do it independently. I still have to prep and prepare to make sure she has everything she needs to do for each activity because they vary from worksheets to hands on activities and also to make sure I understand them in case she has questions. 

We are starting the Wrinkle in Time unit and this is what she will do tomorrow:

She will read the lesson plan and chapter 1:

We do the Q&A verbally together (I have an answer guide.) 😌

And then she does Activity1, 2 and 3 and reads the wrap up. 

Here is an example of the coordinating worksheet for Activity 2: 

It is very well laid out and she loves how it is based off of literature and allows her to be creative and think outside the box. 

It is the perfect curriculum for gifted children who love to read! It also mixes things up with the different activities so kids don’t get bored with redundant lessons. 

For the Cells science unit we are doing here is what a lesson and activities look like:

It is great information presented in an engaging way and allows Madison to go in depth while having a good mix of projects and creative learning too. 

When the curriculum has a link for her to read off of a website, I go in and print it for her instead. She doesn’t like to read on the computer and I like to keep screen time at a minimum and would rather save it for other things and not reading. It doesn’t take much time to print. That’s just part of my prep. 

So that is a glimpse into what I mean by lessons and activities with Moving Beyond the Page and why Madison loves it so much and why it has worked very well for us. She absorbs and retains information best when she uses Moving Beyond the Page

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