Curriculum Update

We are going to change up our curriculum yet again. Ha! Ha! It will always be this way since I have to adapt to Madison and I’ve grown accustomed to it.

I’ve learned that Madison has ‘jumps’ and ‘windows.’ Those are part of her strengths.

Honestly, it’s really hard to use a set curriculum because most them review and repeat with added information. This doesn’t work for us because Madison remembers everything in usually one repetition so she gets frustrated when she has to read or learn anything she already knows.

This created a problem for me because the curriculum expanded on what she had learned and had more detail. We found this to be a problem in Moving Beyond the Page which we were using and any other curriculum available.

I think I found a solution. Madison really likes Moving Beyond the Page, so I went online and read through every syllabus at each level. I pinpointed the subject matter that was repetitive and I ordered the highest level of each of those and the ones that weren’t repetitive. She learns best from using Moving Beyond the Page, she just couldn’t handle the review that kids normally need. Even using a gifted curriculum that doesn’t have as much repetition as a regular curriculum would.

Testing and meeting with the psychologist confirmed that this was the right approach.

So for now, I am going to cut out the busy work we were doing. We are going to focus on using our Moving Beyond the Page curriculum. We’ll see how long it takes to get through it, but I am very grateful they are releasing their high school curriculum in the Fall of 2017.

We have a lot of science to get through before that though. I’m glad she likes science.

As for Math, we are currently using Thinkwell 7th grade. She is doing well with it, but really liked the algebraic reasoning. The Homeschool Buyers co-op is offering a discount on Thinkwell Math starting on 11/25, so I am going to purchase Algebra I and see how that goes. She will continue using the 7th grade until that point.

We are going to start the Moving Beyond the Page Wrinkle in Time unit next week. It is from the 9-11  age, but it looks like a good one and I already have it. After we complete it, she will read all of the books in the 10-12 age, but the only unit we will do in Language Arts will be The Secret if the Andes. We will also be doing our own thing for ancient history and will only do the Elizabethan social studies unit from the 11-13 age and probably won’t do any of the language arts from that age range.

As for Science, we are finishing up the cells unit from the 10-12 age range and then we will do the matter unit from that same age. We will also complete the Kitchen Chemistry book that goes with the chemical change unit, but we aren’t going to actually do the unit, just the book. I haven’t decided if we are going to go on to the Atmosphere from the 11-12 age or if we are going to do a unit study from Intelligo on Space first. I’ll decide that later.

As for Social Studies…reading our way through US history felt like it was taking too long. Granted she read and learned about each clause in the Constitution up to the Bill of Rights, but I still felt we had gaps, we had been doing this since last April and I didn’t want her to burn out on it. So, she is currently listening to the rest of US History by using the History of Us audio books. She loves listening to it and is gaining a great deal of knowledge. She loves to read, so I know she’ll end up reading the books we were working on in her own time. She finished A House of Tailors and If you had your name changed at Ellis Island in one day while still listening to the audio books as well, so we can get the best of both worlds.

After we complete US History, we will move on to World History. It’s been a couple of years since she listened to the Story of the World, so we will do that again and add more. I’m excited and I will share more on that when we get closer to it.

After the holidays we will pick back up with adding Wordly Wise book 6 and Latin. I am also checking out some really neat stuff on Kahn Academy and she will dive into coding some more as well. I also really like the independent learning courses that Duke Tip offers, so we may try those along the way too.

So that’s the new plan. 🙂 We’ll see how long it lasts. I’m sure I’ll have to readjust for her jumps and windows along the way, but I’m hoping this set up will help accommodate the jumps.

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