Let’s Get Crackin’ 

I had the follow up visit with the psychologist today regarding Madison’s neuro eval. I’m still processing everything and I will receive a report in the mail in a week or so. 

I’ve had some time to digest and I’ve realized the feedback I received I already knew deep down, however I didn’t fully trust myself as strongly as I have advocated for her to everyone else because I was afraid I was wrong. I’m not wrong. It was a shell shock that I wasn’t  wrong, but I needed the confirmation. That’s why we did the neuro eval to begin with. My parents and Jeff were not as shocked as I was. Apparently it was what I had been telling them all along.   This test truly reflected why she wasn’t able to be successful in a regular school setting and confirmed what I had known all along. The WISC V is the latest test and her age makes the scores she received this time more reliable. I also think the fact she wasn’t squashed like she was in Kinder and First grade made a huge difference. She’s definitely not the same child. She’s much happier and confident in who she is as a person. 

Madison has major strengths and relative weaknesses. She does not have anything that would be officially diagnosed as a disability at this point. I believe that with interventions that will be laid out in the report that we will implement will enable her to strengthen her relative weaknesses. If not, we will address that later in the future. She has no excuses and neither do I. 
I know exactly what her weaknesses are, I was just concerned that if they were caused by a disability that I would scar her for life if I cracked down and pushed her. I had to know for sure from a professional. Now I can stop hindering her and she can grow. 

Our new motto is Let’s Get Crackin’. 😂 Madison loves Joe’s Crab Shack. 

Today I let Madison know that she didn’t have any disabilities. She is fully capable. She has weaknesses that are going to require effort to work on. She was very receptive to this. I know going forward she won’t always be and I am prepared for that. It isn’t easy working on weaknesses and it takes a lot of work, consistency and patience on my part. We will both grow from this experience. 

With the information in hand, I will be able to make confident choices in her education going forward and receive more support on the direction to take with her.  

So here’s to buckling down, not making excuses and working on our weaknesses. And counting our blessings for the path we have taken so far. It has been the right one and I needed to know that. 

No one knows a child better than their mother. Always trust the mother instinct. Always. 

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