October Gifted Homeschooling Update

Time flies by when you’re having fun! 

Next year I am going to have to remember that November and December are always busy, so I shouldn’t schedule as much in September and October. 🙂 

Madison has kept busy this month with piano lessons, American Heritage Girls, Homeschool PE and the Junior Master Naturalist Program at the Perot. 

We had fun exploring and hiking and trying out new parks. It’s part of our goal of 60 minutes of daily aerobic activity. 

We also took a trip to Kansas City, KS to visit my parents, celebrate my mom’s birthday, and for Jeff to watch his son play in his college football game. We enjoyed brunch with my aunt and uncle and cousin and his family. Madison went fishing with my dad and enjoyed playing chess with him. It was a very nice trip. 

Madison flew in a RV-4 and even got to take over the controls for a bit and fly the plane!

We went to the Dallas Symphony and enjoyed The Best Goes On. 

Trunk or Treat was a huge hit at our church and Madison dressed up as Saint Catherine. 

Madison also had a neuro psych exam. I have a meeting next month to find out the results.

We were excited to find out that Madison won the Give a Dog a Bowl Contest through Color Me Mine. She and Tucker appreciate all of the votes! 

We enjoyed going to the pumpkin patch with friends and Madison took the obligatory height picture. 🙂 

The Dallas Museum of Art homeschool classes are always a lot fun! The class this month was Sensory Explorations. 

Madison and Jeff went on a geology field trip with the Junior Master Natrualist Program. 


And we ended the month with handing out candy and some more trick or treating for Halloween.

First, we went to a local senior rehabilitation facility to trick or treat. 

And then Madison was excited to hand out candy. 

She enjoyed trick or treating after handing candy out and had a very big and  unexpected surprise. More on that to come. 

I will post a curriculum and exercise update next. 

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