Gifted Traits or Twice Exceptional? 

When I started this blog I had written a post that stated when I found out Madison was gifted I rejoiced, because it meant that she wasn’t crazy. She had a lot of traits/quirks that caused problems in school. We tested her later through a psychologist that specializes in giftedness and her scores were great. 

Fast forward two years of homeschooling her one on one and I noticed there were somethings that occurred regularly that were not improving despite everything I have tried. So we made the decision to move ahead and have a neuro psych eval done to see if she had an underlying disability. 

I gathered up her test scores from her Iowa Basic Skills testing and documentation with an OT, as well as a list of concerns I have noted and went in for the initial discussion appointment. 

The appointment went well and the psychologist did understand that there could be some instances of dyslexia, however with Madison’s test scores that I showed her in conjunction with the WISC IV scores from when the psychologist tested her when she was 6, she concluded that an official diagnoses of ADHD or Dyslexia cannot be made unless the test scores reflect it. Thus, by her test scores, Madison is not 2e or twice exceptional. Twice exceptional is when a child is gifted and has a disability at the same time. 

I totally understand that, but I’m still moving forward to have the testing done anyway.  I appreciate this particular psychologist’s honesty, integrity, and knowledge. I trust her 100%. I need to know what she sees, regardless of what that is. I do not need an official diagnoses. I need to know if she thinks Madison has stealth dyslexia. I need to know if they think she’ll ever be able to recall her Math facts quickly and if it’s worth doing them every day for the next 9 years. 🙂 I know that it is important to keep her writing everyday even if it is extreamly slow and time consuming. But what about the spelling? Is there a way to improve it? Should she always read with her finger word for word when she reads out loud so she doesn’t drop or add words even though it is so frustrating for her because she can read and comprehend at a college level? 

And are her executive functioning skills because she may have a slight underlying disability or is it just gifted traits and I have to accept that or what do I do about it?  

What do I do when she refuses to learn subjects that she is not interested in or doesn’t find worthy with extreme intensity or refuses to read a book because it is boring or is too sad? How do I force her to do something she doesn’t want to (because trust me, I’ve tried everything and nothing thing works.) Or do I just let it go? Some things I’ve tried in multiple ways and then have shelved it and tried again later. After 4 times in 2 years it seems as though it’s not going to happen. She just checks out. She doesn’t absorb it at all. And at the end of the day the geography of Africa probably isn’t something she needs, but I don’t think that doesn’t mean we should totally discount it. 

These are the answers I am seeking with this neuro evaluation. Is there an undisgnoseable underlying disability or is it just asynchronous learning abilities? If you just looked at test scores it shows neither. But it’s there. Yes, she may be able to compensate, but what can I do to help her so she doesn’t have to? 

She will be given the new WISC V with this testing session. I am curious to see what the scores will be in comparison to the WISC IV. When she tested the last time she rushed though it because she didn’t want to miss P.E. class. She was also a completely different child then. She was not a happy child and was not in the best place emotionally or mentally because of public school. She has changed so much since then and for the best. 

It really doesn’t matter what her test scores are, but I am hoping they will give me insight and direction in homeschooling her when the psychologist gives me her analysis in the follow up session.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to homeschool and to be able to adjust Madison’s learning to her needs. I also know when I am at a loss on some things and need to know what the right thing is to do from someone who specializes in this area so that I can ensure I am doing all of the right things. 

Wish me luck on this Incredible Journey of Giftedness. 

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