Homeschool and Teamwork 

I think there is a stigma regarding homeschoolers when it comes to ‘group work’ or ‘team work’ so I wanted to give a couple of recent, real life, awesome examples of how homeschoolers work in groups without being forced to. 

In the picture above, there are a group of homeschoolers playing a game at a rock climbing gym. The object of the game is to swing on the rope from station to station. 

Some had a harder time than others, Madison being one of them. The others helped the ones that couldn’t get from a box to the mat. They tried pushing them or catching and pulling them. All unassisted by any adult. Then they proceeded to help the ones that couldn’t do it by verbally telling them how to jump to be able to do it. No one directed them to do this, they just did it all on their own. And they enjoyed it. They were all extremely happy. No arguing, no one was dominating another to the point of taking over so no one else had a say. They truly all worked together as a team for the success of everyone. And they cheered each other on. Every single time. 

Another example of group work was when we went to the science museum for a homeschool day. 

Here they are all analyzing handwriting and discussing it. They don’t know each other, but they automatically worked together and enjoyed it. They all happened to be at that station and chose to work with each other. 

I just wanted to share examples of how homeschoolers work in groups and as teams everyday without it having to be an organized event. 

The bottom line is homeschoolers do not miss out on group work and show teamwork instinctively and in more of a ‘real world’ kind of way that is preparing them for the future all the time.  They are not a product of forced socialization. 

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