When Your Child Doesn’t Fit Inside the Box and Why You Shouldn’t Make Them

Is the hype of socialization soley based on the conformity of succeeding in a dictatorship type forum adhearing to Common Core standards? Are life long lessons for emotional and social development really based upon fitting into a box? 

Becoming a robot is not how you promote creativity or learn how to socialize. Meeting standards that were created by people who don’t have a clue regarding child development or education isn’t either. How do so many trust this system with their child’s future? 

Teachers are screaming. Students are screaming. And no one hears. Only a few actually step up. 

Yes, I am grateful to be in a position to be able to homeschool and to let my daughter learn how she does best, but I will say it isn’t without sacrifice. 

We have a house now that is 1/2 the price than we had before. I have a car that is 13 years old. My daughter does not get new clothes. We only get our hair cut once a year and I dye my own at home. We go without a lot of the ‘extras.’ It’s not about being ‘able’ to, it’s about priorities.  We sacrifice a lot of things others take for granted. And that’s ok, because it’s our choice. We also have the support of my parents which is tremendous and I thank God for everyday. 

I saw a post today on Facebook that basically sums it up. 


Money does not buy happiness. Genuine support does. You can force a child through a system that doesn’t support them and give them everything that they want for short term happiness, but at the end of the day it won’t matter. Not to those who do not fit inside the box. 

Everyone prioritizes things differently and that is ok and everyone’s personal choice. And I am very grateful for the opportunity to homeschool. I am sure Madison’s life would be impacted in a very negative way if I did not, but at the same time it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to go without the things others have that seem normal. We just choose to so that it works for us. We don’t get both. And I am grateful to have that option. If not she would be squashed within the system. A system that I do not believe is in her best interest. 

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