A friend told me today that she read an article that kids should have 3 hours of physical activity a day. I was very intrigued so I googled it. 

Sure enough, we should aim for 120 minutes of physical activity a day…15 minutes for every hour and 60 minutes of it aerobic. 



I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to homeschool because I can tailor Madison’s curriculum to fit her needs. At the same time, I should be able to tailor her day to fit in the activity she needs to move. 

I have started making goals and lists of activities. 

What activities should I add to my list? 

I do believe that movement is just as important for child development as learning and should be taken as seriously. 

I found this post very interesting:


Madison does take a Homeschool PE class once a week for 90 minutes and is active everyday and does participate in various sports, but I have not had her do 15 minutes of activity per hour and she probably doesn’t get a full 60 minutes of aerobic activity every day. I am going to try this out and implement 120 minutes of activity structured and non-structured throughout each day and journal what we are doing and the impact it has and will write a follow up post. 

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