Fall 2016: Core Gifted Curriculum for Homeschool

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Madison finished up her summer with a lot of wonderful camps and good books. She attended Catholic Kidz Camp and took Cooking and Scratch through the Coppell Gifted Association. She also took a Survivors Camp, a Cooking Camp and a Sports Camp at YogiKids.

Even though I mentioned in an earlier post that we do not have a ‘plan‘ for 2016. I do have an idea of what I would like to do.

For English, we are going overboard, but that’s ok in my mind. Our main focus is speech writing for Speech and Debate. Writing a speech requires a specific format which mimics the 5 paragraph essay to an extent has been a wonderful opportunity for Madison to learn how to write.  I have found graphic organizers online that have helped her form an outline, a thesis statement and an introduction. I am very happy with the amount of work she has put into this and what she is learning regarding the process of writing a speech.

We are continuing to use Wordly Wise online for vocabulary, Word Roots from the Critical Thinking Company for spelling, Editor in Chief from the Critical Thinking Company for Capitalization, Punctuation, etc and Grammar Town by Micheal Clay Thompson. Aside from speech writing and Grammar Town, the rest are very easy and do not take up much time.

As for Math, we are currently using Teaching Textbooks 7th Grade. As soon as Madison masters percents we will switch to Thinkwell Math Courses.

For Social Studies Madison is still reading her way through US History. We are working on unit studies from Intelligo called Economics: Savings and Profit and World Geography. These units are a lot of fun and can be purchased as a bundle at a 45% discount at the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op.

We are still using R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Chemistry and Physics. These provide a good ground work, but some of it is repeated from lessons Madison has already learned using Moving Beyond the Page so we are skipping anything she already knows. Madison is also enjoying the hands on, fun activities out of Amazing Kitchen Chemistry Projects You Can Build Yourself book.

This pretty much covers the core curriculum we are using. My next post will cover the electives and projects we are doing.

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