Electives, Projects and Extracurricular Activities for Fall 2016 Homeschool

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This year we are trying a new scheduling system. We are going to work on core curriculum Monday – Thursday and on Fridays we are going to leave it open for any make-up work, to use as a make-up day if we take a field trip and/or to use for electives and projects.

Some of her current electives include:

A super easy version of Shakespeare books. I don’t have time to completely take on Shakespeare until Madison finishes writing her speeches so this gives her a basic idea of each of Shakespeare plays. She can read one book in about 30 minutes or less, so they are super easy, but also a quick way to introduce Shakespeare. They are on special right now through Groupon for $19.99 and are listed on Amazon for currently $93.81, so the Groupon Deal is a good one.

Madison took a camp this past summer to learn how to code using Scratch. She loved it and so when a friend showed me a book called Coding Projects in Scratch, I bought it and Madison is excited to use it. This is another one of our electives.

We came across a really fun Math game recently called Prodigy Math. Madison really likes it and wants to play it all the time and it’s free!
Chess is Madison’s favorite game and after taking chess camp this summer, she’s been dedicating time to learning more by taking the lessons on Chess Kids. It is free as well, but you can upgrade to a gold membership through The Homeschool Buyers Co-Op.

For foreign language, Madison is currently watching the DVDs from School Song Latin. It is too young for her, but while we are writing speeches I am only really focusing on Math and English, so this is a quick way for her to learn some Latin vocabulary and it is presented very well. After we complete both Song School Latin 1 and 2 she will start watching the videos from Visual Latin. Then we will begin Latin for Children. Madison is also learning Spanish using Rosetta Stone Homeschool Spanish (Latin America) Level 1-5 Set including Audio Companion. She looks forward to this every day. Foreign Language is an elective, but one I feel needs to be done everyday to successfully grasp it.

For music and art, Madison will attend two trips to the Orchestra this year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Before we go she will play this cool game from The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra and we will also do the coordinating lesson plan provided by the DSO.  We will attend homeschool art classes once a month at the Dallas Museum of Art.  Madison also likes to listen to The Story Of ‘insert composer name here’ CD’s from the library while doing Zentangles from her Zentangle for Kids book. She will also listen to her Maestro Classics CDs. We will continue the Home Art Studio DVDs. We are still on Third Grade because Madison took other art classes last year, but she loves doing these so we are going to do them all. She is also going to do Meet the Masters which combines learning about famous artists and then learning how to create a piece in steps. Madison is currently working on a latch hook rug project where the grid is not color coded, she has a graph sheet she follows to know which color strings go where. And she will be frequenting Color Me Mine, because it is her happy place. She is working on a dog bowl for a contest they are running.

Madison’s next Lego project is building the LEGO Architecture White House (21006) from their Architecture Series.

She is also working on her keyboarding skills by using Nessy Fingers Touch Typing.

In addition to electives and projects, Madison is currently doing the following Extracurricular activities:

DFW Speech and Debate Club

Piano Lessons

American Heritage Girls

Junior Master Naturalist Program at the Perot Museum

Acting class through The Actor’s Conservatory Theater

Homeschool PE Class

Weekly Park Day with Friends

Catechism Class

Field trips/homeschool days at the Dallas Arboretum, Perot Museum, and Summit Climbing Gym.

Basketball through the YMCA is also on the list, but I haven’t committed to it yet. We’ll see if we can fit it into the schedule with everything else going on. I am hoping we can.

I will write more posts going forward about what we are doing as we do them and share pictures, but as of now this is the game plan. 🙂

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