Giftedness Matters


There have been several posts that have been written in response to the article Maybe My Child is Gifted. Maybe Not. Maybe it Doesn’t Matter.

They are all very well written and worth reading. I will list the links below.

When I first read this article I didn’t get mad and I didn’t really get sad. My first reaction was pity. Pity for the author and pity for her children. With her children only being the ages of 3 and 1 years she doesn’t have the experience of what is to come. What her children may go through in the future if they are gifted or what’s even worse, by what she wrote in her article even if they are truly gifted and not just high achievers that she will try to make them fit ‘inside the box’ regardless and their needs won’t be met.

So, yes she blasted an ignorant article about giftedness and gave every bad spin she possibly could and emphasized the stigma that advocates have been trying so hard to change.

But at the end of the day I feel for her children. The children who are not embraced for who they are. They very well could be ‘special snowflakes’ and she isn’t going to love them for that? Actually, all of our children are ‘special snowflakes,’ but that doesn’t mean they are all gifted and definitely shouldn’t be judged if they are. And if her children are gifted she isn’t going to utilize the National Association for Gifted Children, because ‘yes, it is a thing?’ And thank goodness it is, because it’s an excellent resource for parents of gifted children who truly understand. 

The ramifications for not acknowledging gifted children is much worse for them in the long run than trying to get social media attention for not. They have special needs and by not acknowledging giftedness and embracing it she is denying her children the support they may need in the future. When you only have one shot at parenting your children why wouldn’t you educate yourself thoroughly before making decisions or passing judgement based on perception and not facts? Actually, speaking of, the National Association for Gifted Children is a great place to start researching facts!

I pray as her children get older that she sees them, loves them and supports them for who they are. Gifted or not.

Here are some great articles to read in response to the article published from those who are highly educated on giftedness:

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