All Gifted Kids Just Don’t Memorize Facts

I thought long and hard before posting this. I don’t want to demean gifted children in any way. 
See there are several kinds of gifted children as well as those that are 2e. Which means twice exceptional. Which means they are gifted and also have a disability. They could mean they are gifted and dyslexic, gifted and have ADHD, gifted and autistic …the list goes on. That doesn’t make them any less gifted. 

There are cognitively gifted kids and intellectually gifted kids and creatively gifted kids. There are SME that are gifted in all areas. There isn’t a one size fits all mold for giftedness. 

So I am conflicted, because the 10 year old boy that memorized the Constitution makes the news. And that is great and I am sure he is gifted to be able to do that. 

But a child who is younger that understands the Constitution doesn’t. 

And that’s ok. What I’m concerned about this situation in particular, is the stigma that gifted kids can memorize and regurgitate anything easily. I don’t want that to be the only definition that people see and understand, because there is so much more. Madison wants to be President too some day, so we focused on her learning what the Constitution means. Clause by clause.  

My daughter can memorize things very easily. She remembers things she’s only read once. Remembering and memorizing things for her comes extremely easily and in mind blowing ways that I even have a hard time understanding.

And at the same time I don’t want to diminish the accomplishments of this boy, because he has done something adults could rarely do. 

So while we genuinely applaud him and appreciate and recognize his efforts, please keep in mind that this accomplishment which is really awesome, doesn’t define giftedness for everyone. It is one aspect of it. One that should be recognized, but not based solely off of for the definition of giftedness as a whole.

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