When You Read a Post and It Hits Home

I read a lot of posts that come through my email, my Facebook newsfeed and that are tweeted on Twitter.
There are some posts that hit more than others. This one hit home because to me it is spot on. 

When raising a gifted child that is asynchronous sometimes it is hard to navigate between parenting their intellectual, social and emotional development. 

This post spoke strongly to me in particular, because I feel it is very important for Madison to own her mistakes and to be genuinely sorry even if it does mean she will get in trouble. And my favorite of these for a gifted child is #5. 

Yes, gifted kids should be allowed to be who they are and to follow their dreams, but I believe it is equally important for them to be taught how to want to be a good person that does the right thing and cares about others. I feel that goes farther in life than anything else. 

Check out the post from We Are That Family that really hits home. It is excellent. 


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