What is Normal?

My normal is not what is ‘normal’ for others. I don’t expect anyone to understand this as much as I don’t understand someone else’s normal that isn’t mine.

I have learned to appreciate and accept everyone has a different sense of normal. 

And when I read a post that is very well written and explains what my ‘normal’ is that so many others don’t understand I feel so much better and not alone. 


And I thank God everyday and appreciate those who do understand and I am in the process of figuring out how to let go of those that don’t and how to best support Madison in that entire process as well. I can’t take it to heart. At the end of the day it isn’t healthy for either one of us. 

My main goal for Madison this year is to be accepting of others’ shortcomings because she has her own and to do so without making her feel as though she isn’t ‘normal.’ 

And that’s not to say that she won’t  learn the difference between right and wrong along the way or use the way she thinks as an excuse or the fact that she is asynchronous and is emotionally and socially behind . It means we won’t allow her to purposely be subjected to being judged or looked down upon for who she is and we will fully address any issues along the way. But since she doesn’t do things intentionally or with ill will  we need to figure out how to teach her to deal with those that don’t fully understand that. The key is figuring out exactly how to do that. Teaching her how to co-exist. I need a manual for that. 

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