Our Plan for Gifted Homeschooling 2016-2017

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We are embarking on our 3rd year of homeschooling this year. The plan this year is to not have a plan.

I had a plan and now it’s scratched. I’m a planner and that is very scary. I like plans. 🙂

So to back up a little bit…I had Madison take the 7th grade Iowa Basic Skills Test. I chose 7th because I wanted her to see that she needed to focus and because she had a lot to learn. Basically to be challenged. When she was taking the test, I told her the same thing even though she wasn’t aware of the grade level of the test she was taking and she replied that she knew more than I realized and she was bored.

We received the test results. I’m not going to post the breakdown or give details because I respect her privacy, but as a quick overview, here is a snapshot idea of her scores that we received. GE is grade equivalent based on a comparison of a national average of students that have finished 7th grade. Chronologically she will be entering 4th grade this year.

I will be honest, her scores freaked me out. She was right. I didn’t realize what she knew. With that said, I started researching. What do I do?

I came to the conclusion from researching that if I try to hold her back it could have a major negative impact on her. I know a lot take that route, but I’m not willing to.

So the new plan is to have a bunch of curriculum options planned and ready to go and she is going to choose what she wants to do. Aside from Math and writing. For Math, I am going to have her keep moving forward and what she doesn’t get we will not worry about until she absolutely needs it to move forward. Currently that is ratios. I am continuing to have her work on her Math facts everyday. I’m not budging on that one. As for writing, we are going to really dive into it this year.

So going forward, I am going to share what works and what doesn’t. I have a bunch of things set and ready to go. If they don’t work then I will table them and try again later. If they don’t work later, then we will try something new. She’s far enough ahead that I feel I can we can take this route and it will not hinder her education in any way.

The picture I chose for this post represents how I feel. There are so many different fabrics to choose from. Where do I start? After I took this picture she turned around to a much smaller stand with less fabric and picked one right away. It’s not up to me. I have to provide her the options and allow her to choose. I have to explain what she will have to know and she chooses the order she learns it.

Being completely in charge of her education and not having a roadmap is absolutely terrifying for me. It’s also kind of lonely. I have support from my family and from a friend, but not being able to openly speak about this is hard. I get it, I wouldn’t be able to understand it if I weren’t living it. That still doesn’t make it any easier though. I am very grateful that at the end of the day, it is me who feels this way and not her. I would never want her to feel this type of isolation. I thank God everyday for that.

My goal of homeschooling was to allow her the option of moving at her own pace while providing an environment that was conducive to her loving to learn. That is our new mission statement I need to remember every day.

Madison craves learning. She loves it if it is what interests her and she can’t get enough. At one point I accepted that I would always be running behind trying to catch up. I just never imagined I would be this far behind.

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