Sometimes Life Isn’t Always Rainbows and Puppy Dogs

As I grow older, I have learned some very valuable lessons. Life isn’t always puppy dogs and rainbows. 

And that’s ok. Because what comes from these moments are hidden lessons. Lessons of love and strength.

Lessons of responsibility and accomplishment as a good parent. 

Lessons that may initially seem hard become the very lessons that bring us closer together. When they are fair and logically thought out. When they are best for everyone involved and not just one person specifically and involve greed. 

And I know for those who are single-minded and focused with blinders on that it will not seem like puppy dogs and rainbows. And that is ok. Not everyone understands, and it is ok if they never do. It really doesn’t matter. Jesus died on the cross for us for our sins, and it wasn’t to entitle our children; it was to humble us. 

A reminder, I believe, has been easily forgotten.

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