Gifted Children and the Future

I am a planner. I am also a researcher. I read the good, bad and ugly when it comes to gifted children. 

I have read about what happens when you keep them on idle. They have their own path and tempo. Some tend to hit a ‘point’ where they become discouraged and bored. Usually in high school. Along with that can come a bunch of problems. 

I experienced this and just thought it was me. My oldest experienced this as well. We both wanted to be much father along then we were and had to ‘spin wheels’ to finish high school and move on. 

So when it came to Madison, I told her when we homeschool you can play as much as you want and go at grade level speed or you can go as far as you want.

This also equates to possibly taking AP courses and college courses early. 

So when she chose the fast tract which I respect, I researched more. The goal is not to send her to actual college classes early. There’s no way she would socially be able to handle that. 

She wants to acquire more than one degree. And so the goal is to prepare her to be able to take college courses online. To allow her to work towards and obtain a degree while at home. And then when she’s ready to attend college she can do so to obtain another degree. This is what she wants to do and if that changes, we’ll adapt accordingly. 

But college is expensive, so I’m checking out AP test out options. That doesn’t mean she’ll enter into the world any sooner then she should. It means she may achieve what she wants to sooner and without having to do her generals twice. Cheaper and less frustration for her is a win/win in my mind. And if she changes her mind, that’s fine too. But I won’t close any doors for her. I’ll keep them all open and let her choose and pursue whatever interests her. I’ve read too many articles on what can happen if I don’t and I’m not willing to take that chance. 

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