The Curse of Giftedness 

What happens when you aren’t educated on giftedness and do not even realize there is such a thing? When you end up having one child on top of the world and a another in the clouds? 

When after becoming educated, you realize how much you failed…and you are somewhat succeeding after learning, but have major guilt for not knowing and failing to begin with?

You do your best from the point you learned and go forward. And you advocate. In the best way you can. Even though it is so hard when you can see into the ‘future’ and yet you don’t know if the current path you are taking is the right one.

You learn. You learn as much as you can from others that are in the same place as you are, even if they don’t fully realize it. And you learn how to step outside your comfort zone. You always learn. Because when you stop, when you follow the manuals of advice for the general masses, you mess up. And it’s not about you. It’s lifelong. It’s your children. It’s important. 

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