What Makes A Difference?


In think the majority of gifted individuals struggle with how they really can make a difference in their daily lives.

We all have our boundaries, but we still have that burning need within us and our children to make a difference. 

How do we balance our needs with our children’s needs without taking away from them?

How do we realistically support our gifted children and their dreams while trying to feel as though we are achieving something, if anything of our own?

What is enough to find a purpose without  being totally consumed by it? 

These questions are not rhetorical. They are honest questions. 

Any insight would be appreciated. 

One Comment on “What Makes A Difference?

  1. You raise many extremely important questions. I suggest you always have something you do that you call your own. You are doing a good job on your blog. Perhaps that could be one thing. Just a suggestion.

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