CBS Scorpion is an Inspiration for Gifted Children

Photo Credit: CBS
We are enjoying the second season of Scorpion on CBS. The current season has hit home as a parent of gifted child.

Why? Because with the action and far fetched plot that appeal to the ‘general public,’ this TV series has much more of an impact to my child. The past season has projected something extremely meaningful to my gifted daughter as well as to me as her parent.

What is Scorpion and what makes it so cool for gifted children? As stated on CBS,  SCORPION, inspired by a true story, is a high-octane drama about eccentric genius Walter O’Brien and his team of brilliant misfits who comprise the last line of defense against complex, high-tech threats of the modern age. As Homeland Security’s new think tank…click here to read more on the CBS Website.

The show has what seems to many as an unrealistic plot, but it becomes realistic because it is backed up with facts to support each plot in each episode (if you listen and pay attention) and for a TV series that is based on a genius, this is AWESOME!!!! This is what makes it realistic.

Scorpion shows her that even when you run into a problem that it can be overcome by thinking and talking a problem through and considering all the possibilities to achieve a solution. This show not only includes the message of intelligence, it show that determination, grit and perseverance are a key to success. Those are three things that I emphasize to my daughter every day.

Scorpion also shows teamwork. That a team can work together by using their strengths to achieve a solution that has a major impact.

It shows the strengths and weaknesses of different types of gifted people. That one isn’t superior over another.

And my most favorite is a past episode that shows that parents shouldn’t hold their gifted child back. They should embrace their gifts. This doesn’t come naturally though, it is a process. This is a realistic and very true interpretation of the parenting process of a gifted child.

I highly recommend this show for all parents of gifted children. I also recommend it for gifted children after a parent has previewed each episode (age appropriateness.) I have looked forward to showing my 8 year old daughter several episodes.

I am in full support of a network TV series that advocates for all gifted children in different realms and educates others on the abilities of the gifted as well as inspires gifted youth.

There are many misconceptions regarding the definition of gifted children and adults.  It is refreshing to see a show that depicts the true meaning of giftedness in so many ways. ❤️

I did notice that last nights episode has an age rating. I think this show is awesome, however, I highly recommended previewing any episodes prior to having children watch it. Every family has their own perception of what is a good show for kids. We preview each episode ourselves (because we love this show) and then if we feel it is appropriate, we show it to Madison.

I would also recommend this show to everyone. It is one of the only shows left on TV today that show innovation as well as critical thinking (total STEM show) and in my opinion is not only kid friendly, but family friendly as well. I cherish that and hope that it continues and stays strong in that way!!!!

One Comment on “CBS Scorpion is an Inspiration for Gifted Children

  1. Interesting! I would never have thought a show like this could be kid/GT friendly. I’ll watch an episode next time I’m on the treadmill.

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