What We Are Doing Now – Math

I decided to break up posts into chunks by subject regarding what we have tried and what we are doing now. It would have been a very long post otherwise. 

We were doing Redbird Math. I didn’t feel like it covered everything we needed it to overall. I think it’s great as a supplement. We have stopped using it, but may pick it back up as a supplement in the future. I still think it’s an amazing program that Madison loves doing. 

After stopping Redbird Math we tried CTC Math. It’s a good program, but it is dry. Madison didn’t like it.

We are now using Teaching Textbooks and she loves it! Well, she loves the way we are using it. The lecture, practice problems and the rest of the problems were too much repetition in her opinion. So we made a deal. If she just does the 5 problems then she has to pass the quiz at the end of each chapter with 100%. If she doesn’t, then she has to go back and do more problems on what she had missed. So far that is working out very well. She has passed her quizzes with 100%. I started her out with Teaching Textbooks 7. I didn’t have her take the placement test, I just looked at the table of contents in each level. She is currently on lesson 30 which is fractions. So far, so good! And come to find out, she loves long division and thinks it’s fun! Yay! The reason she likes Teaching Texbooks is because they have funny names for the people in their word problems and they ask questions during the lectures. They have a good sense of humor and apparently that is what she needed to be engaged in Math. 🙂 I hope it lasts. I think I have bought almost every homeschool Math program available. 😳

We are also continuing to use XtraMath. Madison is still trying to master her division facts. She is very close. After she does master them, we will begin the program again with a 2 second recall. Currently she is working on a 3 second recall. It only takes 5 minutes everyday and it is so worth it when it comes to doing higher Math when math fact recall is needed. It’s free, so that’s an added bonus as well. 

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