March and April 2016 Musings 

And it’s already April… I’m not sure how time flies so quickly. It must be because we’re having so much fun. 😜

At the end of March, Madison enjoyed taking a homeschool class at the Dallas Museum of Art that focused on Egyptian Art. They had a learning session in the exhibit area and then went back to the classroom and played an ancient Egyptian game called Senet and made hieroglyphic art. She sketched hieroglyphics into a styrofoam plate and then they filled it with plaster and when it dried she had her own piece of Egyptian art. It was really cool!

Also, at the end of March, Madison had a blast at the iCan Create Filmfest with North Texas Mensa Youth through NuMinds Enrichment. If you haven’t heard of NuMinds, check them out. They offer tons of enrichment for gifted kids. She created her own stop motion movies. You can check out one of the movies she made HERE. And the other one HERE.

In the beginning of April, we attended homeschool day at the Dallas Zoo. We have gone to the homeschool day at the Fort Worth Zoo the past couple of years and wanted to switch it up. It was AWESOME!!

They had educational booths set up and a scavenger hunt that was very educational.

These guys were rock stars at the animal classification booth! Madison had a blast! 

Madison LOVED feeding the birds!
She made a ‘seed bomb.’


And rode on a pony.
Fed a giraffe.

She loved the Dallas Arboretum booth and is very excited for their upcoming homeschool day!

The bald eagles were beautiful!

  The highlight for Madison was the Hillcrest Foundation Nature Exchange at the zoo. She brought her items in and traded them for some very special treasures. She also saved points for her next visit. The gentleman who helped her was full of knowledge. He scraped off one of her rocks and showed it to her under the microscope that was attached to a screen on the wall. He also showed her the reaction when he put acid on one of her other rocks and why. She learned so much from him in a short period of time. I was amazed!


Madison’s treasures that she traded her items for.

   Madison also enjoyed her Spring nature science class at LLELA. I am grateful for all of the wonderful homeschool programs in our area!
As for curriculum, I was struggling with finding an ‘outline’ to go by since I have decided to piece together our curriculum. I have friends who use Ambleside Online and really like it. It looked really cool, but I haven’t been able to use a ‘Christian’ based curriculum, because we are Catholic and there are some defining differences. Then it hit me. (I’m not sure why it took so long.) I googled and found a Charlotte Mason based site called Mater Amabilis that is for Catholics! It was a very exciting moment. I am not going to follow it directly, but it is an excellent resource. I will outline exactly what we are doing in my next post.

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