Support and Encouragement 

It’s amazing how support and encouragement can mean so much. It means just as much from those that ‘get it’ as it does from those that may not, but genuinely want to support you and your child regardless.

I have been blessed by total strangers whom I have become close with, that understand from the Raising Poppies group on Facebook, but I am also blessed by those who I call friends in ‘real life’ for supporting us. I can’t even express in words how much it means.

See, when you have a child who you are proud of that succeeds, you want to shout it out to the world!

If it is sports related it is acceptable. I have also found that if it is art or music related that it accepted as well.

But, if it is academically related then it isn’t supported as well. It is considered bragging.

Madison learned early on how to ‘fit in.’ I also have noticed that she can be herself around those she truly trusts.

Sometimes in life you can pretend and play along to be accepted, but to be liked for who you are and to be able to be yourself is priceless.

I know that friendships are important to my daughter. I have walked on eggshells to ensure that she would have the friendships that she wanted to have. However, things are becoming clearer for her.

She is grateful for the close friendships that she has. She is learning they won’t always be perfect and that it is ok.

But the most important thing that she is learning is that genuine friendships are hard to come by and that you cannot take them fore granted. They are the diamond in the rough and that you cherish them.

Sometimes I wish it was easier for her and for me. If she were normal, we would totally fit and it wouldn’t be hard.

But it’s not. And everyone doesn’t understand. And it’s hard and it hurts. It really hurts. It’s lonely. Very lonely.

But, it brings more appreciation to those who do understand and to those that don’t, but love Madison for who she is.

That is a blessing in itself and one that is truly cherished.

What does this teach me? What do I take away from this experience? To love everyone’s children for who they are and to embrace them regardless of their strengths and weaknesses. To support all parents, regardless of their success and  struggles, because we all have them. We are all in the same place. We all need support each other in one way or another. We should never judge.

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  1. Right now I am reading “Millicent Min: Girl Genius” by Lisa Yee (one of the American Girl writers). I recommend for you.. And her if she is 3-4th grade or up.

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