Family is so important. But, unfortunately some don’t realize what the true definition of family means. There are apparently different definitions for everyone.

So I am going to base this post off of what family means to me. What I was taught and what I believe in and what I instill in my children. 

Unconditional love. Not narcism.  Family is what you can do for others. Not what you do that makes you feel good about yourself. 

Family is truly loving someone for who they are and wanting to be part of their life no matter what. Not judging them. Loving them. Respecting them, even if you don’t understand them. 

I’m my opinion, anyone who judges someone is not a true Christian, because it is not their place to do so. They if they do judge,  they are only self-righteous and selfish. 

You only have one shot at your time on Earth which was given to you by sacrifice. Why would you spend that time judging others because they are not just like you?!

Why would you not love them unconditionally for who they are? 

If you do not, you are essentially a hypocrite. 

Loving family should not be hard. It should be innate. ‘Your way is the the right way’  is not the only way and is a self righteous view. One that is not true and that will not rise above in the end. 

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