True Colors

I came across a song recently that I loved ‘back in the day.’ It really made think. It may seem very cheesy, but the song True Colors by Cyndi Lauper made me think of my daughters. 

We only have one shot at raising our children. Lately I have been making Madison do worksheets with our curriculum that she has already mastered. I tried getting her to read a book and she tried and didn’t want to. I asked her why she was making this hard and she told me that if she was learning something new that she’d read it, but that she already knew what was in the book.

I’ve already stated over and over again that she learns faster than I can keep up with on her own. It’s my job to provide her with the tools to do that. And when I fail to do that, I stop and revise. Again.

So, now I’m going to do that again. She’s young enough and far enough ahead that I feel I can.

We will continue with Nessy, teaching textbooks, Wordly wise and EPGY. The rest of her learning will come from reading books and hands on activities. Real life experiences. No more worksheets this year. No more needless repetion. 

We will dig deeper into what she is interested in. 

She’s made another jump that is beyond curriculum that I can find that isn’t common core and that she thrives doing, so we will pursue how she has always learned best. 

I am grateful for the support of my husband and my dad who ‘get it.’ I understand it’s hard for me to wrap my head around how she learns, let alone anyone else. I guess we’re fortunate she tests well. If she didn’t then I would really doubt the path we are going to take. 

I do trust my gut instinct and it’s funny how the memories that pop on Facebook remind me of the times I didn’t. The times I believed in those that thought they knew when they didn’t have a clue.  And I didn’t listen to my gut instinct at that time. This reinforces that I do truly know what is best for my child. I should know this by now without any reinforcement needed. There are many times I did not trust my gut instinct and the outcome was less than favorable. Especially when it came to the influence of others on my child. I will never make the same mistake twice. 

I will say that this time when I decided to change things up, it was much easier. 

I am SO grateful for those who told me in the beginning that things would change, and I would need to adapt and that was ok and normal. God bless them. I count my blessings for their words everyday. They have no idea how much they have impacted our homeschool journey in such a positive way. 

My main goal in homeschooling is that my daughter loves to learn and is happy. Regardless of her level or test scores, if I achieve those two things I have succeeded. ❤️

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