Homeschooling in 2016


Every year brings a new beginning.

This year brings more flexibility. Madison has her own goals set and those are enough to fill our days in itself.

She still needs the basics though. We will continue with It has been such a blessing. Madison loves to do it because she knows it works for her.

We are also doing Moving Beyond the Page 9-11. We are not going to do them all, but just the ones I feel we need to do and then we will move on to the 10-12. We will definitely be doing all of that level. I will be doing a separate post on our latest unit.

After trying several different Math curriculums, we are now using Teaching Texbooks 7. Madison is on lesson 4 and loves it so far. My fingers are crossed.

Madison is close to mastering her division facts in In the next month or so she will be able to say she has mastered all of her math facts.

She is on lesson 17 in Wordly Wise 3000 book 4. I love Wordly Wise, because not only does it focus on vocabulary, but it incorporates grammar and usage as well. We are now using the online version and it is great!

We are continuing to use EPGY. I have seen how she applies what she has learned with this program when she writes.

And to be honest, we are using Michael Clay Thompson as well. A little overkill on grammar and English, but I really think it will pay off in the end. We do this a couple of times a week.

I plan on incorporating Brave Writer into our curriculum once we are done with Nessy and XtraMath.

We have also begun learning Latin with Latin for Children. We are taking this very slowly since we are already doing a lot. Madison has an interest in learning Latin and is enjoying it, so it’s not a burden.

We did Handwriting Without Tears third grade cursive again this year. She is close to finishing the book and I am hopeful she will actually write in cursive when it is complete. This year has gone much easier than it did last year.

So that is an overview of what we are doing now. As always, it is always changing to best suit Madison’s needs.

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