A New Year – Learning to Prioritize 

The one thing I am blessed with as a homeschooler is having too many opportunities. I have had to learn to prioritize and to do what Madison is interested in as well as broaden her horizons. 

I guess in a way I am still learning to prioritize, because it’s hard to not want to ‘do it all.’ It is also hard to balance work and fun. 

I think I get overwhelmed a lot. I want Madison to have a childhood, to make sure she learns what she isn’t necessarily interested in, and to try to keep up with her at the same time. It’s like holding onto a rope that’s pulling you 90 miles an hour. 🙂 

We cannot do it all, so we will find the balance we need. At the same time we will learn important skills along the way. 🙂 

Nessy.com has been a huge lifesaver. Madison’s spelling has improved 150% and her confidence has soared. 

Madison decided she wanted to participate in a Speech and Debate competition. This is going to consume a major amount of our time, but it will be worth it because it will benefit her in so many ways for her entire life. 

My other goals were to expose Madison to sewing, crocheting and knitting. My mother taught herself how to do all of these. Madison wants to learn, but has too much of me in her so she won’t teach herself. I signed her up for classes at JoAnn Fabrics. We’ll see if she catches on and enjoys it. 🙂 

Madison is continuing piano, American Heritage Girls and has taken up roller skating lessons. She wants to complete the level award for American Heritage Girls and enjoys earning badges. 

She is also looking forward to the upcoming local Mensa youth activities. 

Along with our weekly activities and Madison blowing through reading a ton of books to complete the Mensa reading list and somehow we manage to fit school in. 🙂 

Madison is now working on the 9-11 moving beyond the page curriculum. It is becoming more involved as she is advancing. We are learning about each state and are cooking meals inspired by some of them. She also enjoys online classes through currclick.com. 

I know that she is going to have to prioritize activities and balance it all very soon. We cannot do it all even though it would be fun. 🙂 In the meantime, I am holding on to the rope for dear life! 

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