Sometimes We Get Off Track

Under Pressure. Madison learned the beat of this song by patting her legs and clapping in a Gymboree music class when she was 18 months old. She loved it. Pat, pat, clap….

Now the song has a whole new meaning…..

There are several books on how to raise a child. There are a few great books on how to raise a gifted child, but not a day to day, year to year guide.

We all make mistakes. All gifted children are different and there is not a right or wrong way to try to figure out how to raise them. But, what I have found is there is comfort in learning from others and sharing what has worked and what doesn’t and applying that to see if it works for each of us. To identify and know that you are not alone.

I have been absent from blogging for quite awhile for a couple of reasons.

The first being, it threw me for a loop when I realized Madison could have have stealth dyslexia. It threw me for a bigger loop that I don’t know if it is that for sure or if there are other disabilities that may hinder her or if she is just asynchronous and is at grade level for some things and light years ahead for others. I am still trying to figure that out.

The second being, we tried being ‘normal’ for awhile. We tried ‘keeping up with the Jones’ in the realm of the social aspect of homeschooling. As nice as that would have been, it didn’t work for us. Sometimes, you have to try something new to realize what is really important and what we came to realize is that what may work for the majority doesn’t work for us, even if we really wanted it to. We are who we are and that’s ok, even if it means we aren’t like everyone else. Actually, it’s more than ok. 🙂 There are defining moments that are awakening moments that tell you when you are not on the right track….If Madison is still misunderstood, it’s ok. If she is judged and not given a chance to explain that’s ok too. That just means that changes need to made and we have to take a step back and refocus on our priorities. It happens and I am sure it will continue to happen throughout her life.

I have a very good friend who I feel summed this up perfectly by saying. “I think everyone has quirks and if we admit it they’re quite funny. We just have to allow each other our quirks.”

Respecting each other and celebrating our uniqueness is a blessing. Taking the time to truly understand one another is a bigger blessing.

So now that I realize that what is important is that I have time to blog and that Madison is happier to have time to be creative versus being filled with endless activities that drain us both, I will be blogging on a regular basis again.
We no longer will be Under Pressure. We will be ourselves and if we don’t fit, it’s ok. Because when we are, it is real and means the world and is not as stressful. And that doesn’t mean that the way others do things is wrong by any means, it just means it’s not for us.

Life is never perfect, but it is not worth pretending to be someone you are not, being misunderstood, or trying to fit a square peg into a round hole…..

More of us ‘on track’ to come..

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