Month: January 2016

The Creatively Gifted Child

I read an article yesterday that really hit home. It won’t make sense to everyone who has a gifted child, because there are many different types of giftedness and they do not all fit into a box neatly wrapped with a bow and that’s… Continue Reading “The Creatively Gifted Child”

A New Year – Learning to Prioritize 

   The one thing I am blessed with as a homeschooler is having too many opportunities. I have had to learn to prioritize and to do what Madison is interested in as well as broaden her horizons.  I guess in a way I am… Continue Reading “A New Year – Learning to Prioritize “

Sometimes We Get Off Track

Under Pressure. Madison learned the beat of this song by patting her legs and clapping in a Gymboree music class when she was 18 months old. She loved it. Pat, pat, clap…. Now the song has a whole new meaning….. There are several books… Continue Reading “Sometimes We Get Off Track”

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